• The First Aqua Cycling class in the Los Angeles area

    The Fun of cycling, Music of Aerobics and numerous benefits of water all in one. Open to the public. Book now!

    The Intro Class is $20. Then the cost is $35 per regular class. Save more if you buy packages.

    *Covered by most PPO insurance

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What Is Aqua Cycling?

The exercise was invented by an Italian physical therapist years ago. Fans and adherents claim it fights cellulite, burns up to 800 calories in an hour, and there’s no soreness the next day.

AquaCycling Advantages

  1. Effectively shape your body and tone your muscle twice faster than other fitness workout
  2. Lose weight faster and easier by burning about twice more calories than a classic fitness session
  3. Improve your cardiovascular system and blood circulation
  4. Fight effectively against cellulite and water retention
  5. Enhance your flexibility
  6. Get a high intensity workout with low impact exercise

Why You Should Try Aqua Cycling

Aqua Cycling offers numerous advantages compared to traditional stationary bikes. This exercise is very gentle on the joints, minimizes the effects of muscle soreness despite high intensity workout and you are burning more calories in a short period of time.

Aqua Cycling: A new underwater workout

The First Aqua Cycling class in the Los Angeles area

Instructors say it burns between 600 and 800 calories per 45-minute session and reduces cellulite without stressing the joints and muscles. Yes, no soreness the next day unlike regular exercises. The exercise was invented by an Italian physical therapist to help injured athletes. Aquacycling has been available in gyms in France and Italy for years.

Interested in trying out Aqua Cycling? Here’s what you need to know:

What to wear: Proper swimming attire, highly recommended swimming shoes.

What to bring: An extra towel and a separate set of clothes are a good idea. Remember to pack a bag to carry your wet swimsuit after class.

Cost: The Intro Class is $20. (Then the cost is $35 per regular class).

Who can go: It’s open to the public.

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Enjoy all the benefits of water to your advantage. Cycling is a very popular form of exercise and activity. With our specialized underwater water bikes you will be burning more calories, not hurting your joints because it’s a low impact exercise. Aqua Cycling can also decrease cellulite and blood pressure. This is the smarter way to be healthy and fit.

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